To the Softball Community:

The East Cobb Edge started in 2002 for the purpose of providing an additional avenue for players to grow their game. At that time, Sandy Plains Softball provided Recreation League Softball along with an All-Stars Summer League. Any players wanting to challenge themselves to the next level - year round travel softball - had to leave the park - and our community in order to find it. Over the years, the Edge has developed a reputation for being one of the strongest B level travel programs in the area. The program was spear-headed by quality coaches that focused on athlete development. Several of the teams went even further and played at the A level and succeeded well.

A few years back the Edge went under independent leadership with a goal of playing consistently at the A level and, as a result, started adding teams from outside the park to practice on our fiends. As our recreation program grew and the demand for field space became limited, we knew we could no longer sustain this model. We are a "recreation-first" program and we hold true to this philosophy. However, we want to allow travel teams to practice out of our park and, most importantly, an avenue for travel team players who matriculate through the Sandy Plains community a home-base to practice at Sandy Plains fields.

As such, the Board has recently re-evaluated our model and the Edge program. Through this analysis, we created a new Travel Team policy which gives priority to travel teams seeking field space to teams which provide the most opportunities for girls who matriculate through the Sandy Plains Program. Also, effective August 1, 2017, the Sandy Plains Softball Association assumed management of the East Cobb Edge program.

Primary goals of the Travel Team policy and assuming management of the East Cobb Edge program include granting field space to teams with a high number of girls that matriculated through the Sandy Plains program and providing a travel team for those seeking a higher-level softball experience. We completed this process in July. The timing certainly was not ideal as families were exploring options but our focus was making sure that: 1) the recreation league does not suffer from travel teams in the park and 2) that we properly review every coach in the program so they meet the character and quality you expect from Sandy Plains. That process took some time and as a result we reduced the number of offerings for this coming year.

The following coaches have been approved for the upcoming season for the East Cobb Edge Program. If you are considering playing in a travel program this upcoming year, we hope you will consider one of our teams. For more information regarding the East Cobb Edge, please contact one of our coaches below.

Don Koshko

East Cobb Edge 2002 


(P) 770-313-9493

Paul Harris

East Cobb Edge 2007

1st Year 14U

(P) 770-722-7266

Les Martin

East Cobb Edge 2010

2nd Year 10U

(P) 404-909-0821

Scott Pease

East Cobb Edge 2005

1st Year 16U

(P) 770-337-0052

Mike Dembski

East Cobb Edge 2008

2nd Year 12U

(P) 770-337-2496

Wes Ward

East Cobb Edge 2011

1st Year 10U

(P) 470-259-3662

Mark Polsinelli

East Cobb Edge 2006

2nd Year 14U

(P) 678-644-3861

John Anderson

East Cobb Edge 2009

1st Year 12U

(P) 470-234-3692